PowerShell – Local functions in remote sessions with ScriptBlock

logo-powershell-520x245 I think all of have been in situation when we wanted to run local PowerShell functions in remote sessions. If someone is new to the subject you would think there is no challenge here 😀

But wait …. there is 😀 I have personally seen couple of implementations of such ‘workarounds’ and in my opinion the most important is to choose the one that suits you.

Option 1 : Pass the function in script block :

You can directly invoke something in lines of :

Invoke-Command -ScriptBlock ${function:foo} -argumentlist "Bye!"

But when you do a lot of automations like I do this doesnt do any good for me :O


Option 2 : Use ScriptBlock

Script block you could say will be our ‘precious‘ 🙂 It seems a lot of ppl underestimate its potential. We should maybe first start of with how we define ScriptBlock.

I think easiest  to say would be something in lines of ‘… its a container for statements or/and expressions which can accept parameters and return value’ 

If you would like to know more please take a look at technet page.

Now you would ask but how this helps us in remote creation of PowerShell functions ? Ohhh it really does! It opens you doors to total automation ….

Look at this simple example (the snippet below comes from StackOverFlow )

$fooDef = "function foo { ${function:foo} }"

Invoke-Command -ComputerName someserver.example.com -ScriptBlock {
    Param( $fooDef )

    . ([ScriptBlock]::Create($using:fooDef))

    Write-Host "You can call the function as often as you like:"
    foo "Bye"
    foo "Adieu!"


So what happened here ? As we said a moment ago scriptblock is an container for expressions/statements and can accept input and return value(s)….  So we have defined our container of statements as

$fooDef = "function foo { ${function:foo} }"

Its perfectly valid to do so 😀

Next one is execution of our script in remote session and what we do here is we recreate our scriptblock based on definiton

. ([ScriptBlock]::Create($using:fooDef))

And voilla – from that moment you can use your function in remote session as it would be local!


One step further – automate exporting of functions

I’m a bit excited writing about this however using the above we will be able to create amazing automations. We will focus on creating multilayer (dependent each on) functions that we will automatically recreate when necessary.

But before we get there we need to automate exporting of our functions. For this we will use the following PS script :





  1. Is there any way for me to call two functions that will do run one after another in a script? So basically, I got a function ‘scoringsytem’ and function ‘harden’. To run it, i put:

    scoringsystem; harden

    at the end of the script. But only the scoringsystem function runs, but the harden function. Please advice

    • Are you using the approach described here and passing functions with script block ? If so you could pass it as arguments and create 2 script block functions instead of me creating here one

  2. Hi, is there any posible way to get the “import-module activedirectory” to work in a scriptblock so you later on can use the “get-aduser” executed on the remote server.


    • Lars,
      Can you give a bit of more details what you would like to achieve ?


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