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logo-powershell-520x245Hey! So the time has come to share with you one of my recent achievements within automation. As you may have noticed in subejct of the post we will be focusing on complex functions with dependencies on onther functions within module. If that would not be enough … we will execute them remotely within session. Isnt that just uber cool ?

So in my last post I focuses on brief intro to what exporting of functions could look like. Today we start off with definition how we set up our functiosn and what we will use to build dependencies ( of course keeping it all under control )

How do you build complex functions ?

This might sound trivial however it is quite important to get this idea before you go ahead and build a module with 30 cmdlets and 3000 lines of code. From my DevOps experience I can tell you that wherever possible I start building from generic functions which then I use in more specific functions (a form of wrappers level above )

I think if we were to think of visualisation we could say we would get something in lines of :



Someone just looking at it could say it looks really promising and professional 😀 Well it does. It is all about low level functions (the generic ones) to work more less with RAW data objects without performing complex validations. This validations and remaining high level functionality would be done by high level functions. 


Sample code which I could use for executing such dependent functions could look as follow :

                # Required functions on the remote host
                $exportNewObjGeneric  = Export-FunctionRemote New-ObjGeneric                                                                                                                                             
                $exportAddProps       = Export-FunctionRemote Add-ObjProperties 
                $exportGetAdSite      = Export-FunctionRemote Get-MyAdSite

                $remoteFunctions = @($exportGetAdSite, $exportNewObjGeneric, $exportAddProps)

Invoke-Command -Session $Session -ScriptBlock {   
                    # we recreate each of required functions
                    foreach($singleFunction in $using:remoteFunctions)
                        . ([ScriptBlock]::Create($singleFunction));
                 # ---- some other code doing magic -----



Great! Since it sounds so easy to implement … where is the catch …. 😀 Of course there is one … look what potentially could happen if you just go ahead and start referencing functions within a module ….



It will not take a long time when you will lose track of what references what and where are your dependencies. This is just asking for trouble as you will practically not be able to assert what will be consequences of yoru changes on one end. I can guarantee you would get a butterfly effect in this scenario!

You will quickly lose ability to properly manage the code and automation will become more than a nightmare than a pleasure!


I have seen that to – however a bit differently. I though we could utilize something that every function of mine has – code based help!

Look at the example of function below – for purposes of this post I have ammended the code based help




Have you noticed anything special ? …. Well if you didnt let me explain ….


Reference functions which are dependencies

Yes! This is the road to ultimate automation. I have came up with idea which can be describe as following :

  • Functions can nest (have a dependency  )  only on 1 level – so not dependency in dependency in dependency (but maybe you will come up with some more elegant way to overcome this 😀 )
  • Generic functions should not have dependencies on custom functions

With those 2 points I was able to continue with this solution. Therefore I have ammended a bit of the code we used last time and came up with the following :


Now this functions references one of which one already discussed called ‘Export-FunctionRemote’ (available @ Github ).

So what we got from the above ? Well we got something really great. In a controlled way by decorating our function with commented based help and specyfing  RequiredFunction<Some-FunctionName> it will be cosnidered as dependency in out script.

        Do xyz 



Finally use example

So we need to use what we have just received. I wont be taking long to explain – this is the pure awesomness of automation 🙂 …

                # Aqquire function name
                $functionName = $MyInvocation.MyCommand
                # get remote functions into remote script block
                Write-Verbose "Exporting functions for $functionName"
                $remoteFunctions = Get-RemoteRequiredFunctions -functionName                    $functionName


                Invoke-Command -Session $Session -ScriptBlock {   
                    # we recreate each of required functions
                    foreach($singleFunction in $using:remoteFunctions)
                        . ([ScriptBlock]::Create($singleFunction));

                    # ---- do magic -----




I hope you like the idea of automating yoru functions in generic way to work with Raw data and then use high level functions to really utilize their potential. Given that you have also now received way to perform advanced operations by creating function dependencies.

Of course this is more than extendible – you can buld dependency trees – do more complex unit testign with Pester … there is not limtis 😀

Got feedback / issue ? As usual leave a comment or jump to GitHub / Gists



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