Rise of Docker – the game changer technology

If you have not yet been working with Docker containers – worse… if you have not yet really hard about Docker and significant changes it brings – then you should find more information!

In simple words Docker does the thing we always wanted – it isolates applications from our hosts layer. This enables possibility of creating micro services that can be dynamically scaled / updated / re-deployed !

If you would like to imagine how this whole Docker works then I’m sure that by looking on image below you will get the grasp of the idea behind!




So things to keep in mind are that Docker is not some black magic box … it requires underlying host components to run on top of it. What I mean by that If you need to run Windows containers you will need Windows host and the same principal will apply for the Linux container. You will also need Linux Host.

Up to this point there was no real support on Docker containers on Windows. However by the time of writing this document Microsoft has released Windows Server 2016 which brings major breaking changes and primarly of our interest the support to containers!

One of the thing that Microsoft have made people aware is that you will be able to  manage containers with Docker and with Powershell … but …. yep there is a but – containers created with one cannot be managed with other one . I think thats a fair trade of but thats something that potentially is going to be changed.


In the meantime I invite you to explore docker hub and help yourself by getting more detailed information when exploring the docker docs 

In one of the next posts we will discuss how to get Windows docker container running on Windows Server 2016 (TP3 ) !  With that keep intro to Docker I hope to see you again!




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