Adobe Fusion 360 – Scaling SVG imported text

Passion to technology when truly is not limited only to server systems , docker , sccm and automation. It reaches beyond 🙂 and that’s how it looks from my side. I’m interested in much more and today I will post information about using Fusion 360.

If you have not heard about this tool – then go ahead and take a look here . It’s amazing in my opinion how now with this CAM and CAD operations have been simplified. I must say that as a total noob I was able to create customised enclosures without any stress ( although I believe there is a great potential of learning curve there 😀 )

One of my initial problems was scaling SVG text which I was importing into Fusion… However I have found great post on Fusion 360 forums which you may find here.

It basically says that if you need to scale you can apply the following ( quoted from original post) :


After some more research i’ve fond this.
It looks like some SVGs are in points per inch 1/72″ = 0.01388  and some in pixels per inch 1/90″ = 0.01111.
Working with points 1/72, if a file is saved as 1″ you’d scale by 0.0138888 and working in mm and you want to import as 25.4mm you’d scale by 0.35277777777778.
Working with pixels 1/90, if a file is saved as 1″ you’d scale by 0.01111111 and working in mm and you want to import as 25.4mm you’d scale by0.28222222222222.


So you may ask how does it look in practice ? Then take a peak here .. I have text which is 80mm long and I’m going to import it with appropriate scaling  which in my case is 0.28222222222222 ( as I’m using mm ) and once done I can start immediately working with it as object 😀 

Screeny Shot 22 Mar 2016 08.23.46


I’m sure I will post some more information along as I will be going through this.I hope this will help you to get around text with Fusion 360 🙂



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