Using STM32CubeMX on MacOS

When it comes to using multiple tools to program/develop it can be sometimes challenging to have them running in single OS. Might be that you would end up having virtual machine running some of your tools – which of course – does not make it easier at all!

One of tools that I really have need of using ( when it comes to development of 32bit microcontrollers ) is STM32CubeMX. If you have not clue what that tool does – in short – it is GUI which allows for quick configuration of microcontroller and its peripheral. It is nice at the end to generate you the code in selected IDE project format ( we will come back to alternate use of this in one of next posts )

Download the software

We will start off with downloading the software. Go STM32CubeMx download page  and scroll down to the bottom. You will find the download option for the software there



Page requires you to create account – but that is part which I leave completely up to you 😉


Install software

Once downloaded on our Mac it would be great to just go ahead and install. If you open folder you will see the following files.



For obvious reasons you will start the ‘application’ file which in return will open the installer



The installation is like ‘camera’ – just next => next=> done! The only thing you need to do now is to open it and use it features!


Use the app



I hope this will get you and your toolkit on the right track! Enjoy coding!





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