“Help me Cloudflare .. you are my only hope!”

With this catchy post title I would like to start series of short technical blog posts how Cloudflare solutions can help out in solving challenges in our IT world ( at least the ones I came across ).

If you have not heard the name before then go ahead and check cloudflare.com and to find answer what Cloudflare is exactly look at their blog post 🙂 Before I start I would like to also let you know that this website does run on Cloudflare 🙂 but not all scenarios covered will be touching this property 😛 ( for obvious reasons )

My plan for the coming week ( or two ) would be to show you test case scenarios of the following :


With this cloud swiss army knife tool we should be able to build several case scenarios where we will see how using them can address our challenges. Now what is really cool about all of those – it is completely API driven … which means we would also get a chance to play around with “no-gui” … so the essence we all engineers like so much 🙂


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If there are some use case scenarios you would have and would like to see please leave your ideas in comments ( BTW – comments are moderated 🙂 )


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