Powershell – build complex module with functions dependency tree

Hey! So the time has come to share with you one of my recent achievements within automation. As you may have noticed in subejct of the post we will be focusing on complex functions with dependencies on onther functions within… Continue Reading


Powershell – DSC checklist

As you remember we are in the middle of the series for DSC module creation. I maybe should have mentioned this before but better now than never.  What I’m talking about … well its all about good practice within DSC.… Continue Reading


PowerShell – Local functions in remote sessions with ScriptBlock

 I think all of have been in situation when we wanted to run local PowerShell functions in remote sessions. If someone is new to the subject you would think there is no challenge here 😀 But wait …. there is 😀… Continue Reading


PowerShell – Creating DSC module – Part 2

Hey , Without any further delays we will continue our excercise to write yp DSC module containing multiple resources. As this is multi-part post you might want to jump back to first post to read up on preparations and considerations.  … Continue Reading


PowerShell – Creating DSC module – Part 1

Hey , As you probably know in world of DevOps a neat feature as DSC is must have and must do considering what it is capable of.  Since recently I have been working a lot with webservers I decided it… Continue Reading


x509Certificate – System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException “Object was not found”

Hey , So recently I have been working with JSON web Tokens authentication and wanted to make extra step with security. I decided to sign my tokens with certificates. So without any further delays I have happily placed certificate within… Continue Reading


IIS advanced logging – first approach

Hello, We start of with quite popular subject which is IIS advanced logging. This extra package provided by Microsoft enables for example to have logging of date time with miliseconds or have CPU utilization. Research and preparations: So I came… Continue Reading


Road to challenges in IT

Hey , It has been long and quiet in last 2 years I think but this times comes to an end. A lot have been happening in regards to learning curve of SCCM/SCOM/ PowerShell  (especially DSc part) and REST Apis.… Continue Reading