HAproxy – backend and domain management using map

This is quick write up how to use single line for easy backend mapping within HAproxy. This has been showed to me by my buddy while challenging current configuration which started to grow. The first thing you will need to… Continue Reading


HAproxy – securing Piwik stats

So today we will be discussing how to secure Piwik¬†stats with help of HAproxy. I didn’t find direct articles relating to how to do that so google and quick tests were my companions for this ūüôā So Piwik¬†is quite cool… Continue Reading


HAproxy – Logging within docker container

Hey , So today we will continue looking at HAproxy – however this time we will be using Docker to host our load balancer. As far as it is no problem to just download the main image from docker hub¬†and… Continue Reading


HAproxy – ACL on X-Forwarded-For

HeyYo, So today we will work on having correct ACLs but when we are behind a service i.e. Akamai or Cloudflare¬†. Benefits of those services are beyond scope of this post however if you are into CDN cache / security… Continue Reading


HAproxy – SSL domains in crt-list

I think for those using high throughput to load balancers will know HAproxy immediately. If HAproxy is something new to you – I highly recommend to scatter around and get your self familiar with this great product. I use it… Continue Reading