PowerShell – Creating PSObject from template

When working with PowerShell I have came across really cool way to work with PSObjects. It’s being simple as creating one of the underlying object methods. But first things first – let’s create one template object

  Thats really… Continue Reading


PowerShell – Azure Resource Manager policies

Microsoft does not stop listening to people. Many of IT professionals is heavily using Azure Resource Manager and the natural course of action is to require better control over what can and what cannot be done. Simple as it may sound… Continue Reading


PowerShell – Autodocument your modules/scripts using markdown

When writing your scripts or modules have you not wished that it would all autodocument itself ? Isnt this what we should be aiming for when creating automations ? 🙂 So automations would automate documenting themselfes ? This is exactly… Continue Reading


Powershell – Network cmdlets

In effort to move away from old school habits of using i.e. nslookup instead of PS cmdlets I thought it would be beneficial if for reference I would reblog quite interesting article about replacement of those cmd into pure PowerShell… Continue Reading


PowerShell – Active Directory changes synchronization with cookie

In today’s post I wanted to show you something that can be of interest for those who need to find recent Active Directory changes but are challenged by i.e. big AD forest with a large amount of object and are… Continue Reading


Pester – Introduction to test driven development (TDD) for Powershell

Today I wanted to start a series on Pester for PowerShell. If you have not heard about it before you might find it quite interesting. It allows you to write code and test it alongside. Life example why would this… Continue Reading


Powershell with Azure – deploy IaaS with Azure Resource Manager

Thesedays managing cloud should be somethining that is well automated and what you can be really comfortable with. Microsoft Azure when using Azure Resource Manager allows you to manage infrastructure via APIs or via Powershell (which is calling webApis then… Continue Reading


Powershell – first character to upper

This is just a quick write up If you need to change with Powershell first character then the good way to do it would be something like

  As alternative you can use title captialization of the whole title… Continue Reading


PowerShell – using Nlog to create logs

If you are after a logging framework I can recommend you one I have been using not only in Windows but also in C# development for web projects. Its called NLOG and it is a quite powerfull , allowing you to… Continue Reading


PowerShell – using PSDefaultParameterValues to make your life easier

Just a quick post to let you know that you can make your life easier (most of the times 😀 ) when for example using default paramaters for your PowerShell cmdlets. This is done by using $PSDefaultParameterValues which allows you to specify… Continue Reading