ZFS – creating pool from disks CentOs 7

Is it storage system time ? So todays’ post will be short about creating ZFS pool on CentOs 7. This is logical follow up from previous post where I covered build out of new server. So what i have decided on… Continue Reading


Vyos – Site to site VPN using VTI and OSPF

Hey! So today we will be challenging setup of vyos site-to-site VPN. In theory there is nothing really difficult about that one – its just choosing the right options. What I would really would like to highlight here which I… Continue Reading


Ansible role for Redhat 7 CIS baseline

Intro If you are working with environments where certain policies and rules needs to be applied something like CIS baselines will be well known to you. So it works on basis where you define which points you will apply to… Continue Reading


C# – Active Directory changes synchronization with cookie

In recent post we have discussed how to track Active Directory changes effeciently with PowerShell . Now the same thing we can achieve with C#. And if you would wonder why C# since we have had it already in PowerShell ?… Continue Reading


HA Nginx in Docker with keepaliveD

Do you need to create HA proxy and thinking of Nginx ? Or maybe thinking even further … about Nginx and docker ? So something really simple and what you can defenitely take to next level. In my scenario I… Continue Reading


PowerShell – Creating DSC module – Part 3

We continue today with our DSC module creation. If you have been following this blog in recent days you might have noticed me posting information about good practices and idea I had to create this module. To keep up with… Continue Reading