ChatOps using Hubot – Zabbix maintanance

      This post is suplement to GitHub repo available under https://github.com/RafPe/hubot-zabbix-scripts       So finally day has come when I can write about my recent involvement in automating 🙂 this time with use of hubot ( in this… Continue Reading


DevOpsdays 2016 Amsterdam – Videos are here

If you have missed for whatever reason DevOps days in Amsterdam this year – then you can watch all published videos on vimeo channel! Just head out and go to HERE Some of my favorites : DevOpsdays Amsterdam 2016 Day 1… Continue Reading


Docker – ELK with compose v2

This post contains information which are based on the following entry: Docker compose and ELK – Automate the automated deployment To get idea how much has changed it’s worth of checking that out 🙂 If you are working with Docker then for… Continue Reading


C# – Active Directory changes synchronization with cookie

In recent post we have discussed how to track Active Directory changes effeciently with PowerShell . Now the same thing we can achieve with C#. And if you would wonder why C# since we have had it already in PowerShell ?… Continue Reading


C# – Generate Entity Framework SQL script

This one is going to be really short one. As It happens that I need to enable others to recreate DBs for API models I create I usually deliver them SQL script that does the work. So how do you generate… Continue Reading


Powershell with Azure – deploy IaaS with Azure Resource Manager

Thesedays managing cloud should be somethining that is well automated and what you can be really comfortable with. Microsoft Azure when using Azure Resource Manager allows you to manage infrastructure via APIs or via Powershell (which is calling webApis then… Continue Reading


ASP.NET 5 – Dependency injection with AutoFac

Today we will shift a bit from previous tracks in order to research more on Visual Studio 2015 powering us with MVC6 / ASP.NET 5 . I personally find that Microsoft is going into right direction – especially being so open… Continue Reading


Docker on Windows – Running Windows Server 2016

So without any further delays we go ahead and create our environment to play around with containers however this time we will do it on windows! As you know with release of Windows Server 2016 TP3 we have now the… Continue Reading


Rise of Docker – the game changer technology

If you have not yet been working with Docker containers – worse… if you have not yet really hard about Docker and significant changes it brings – then you should find more information! In simple words Docker does the thing… Continue Reading


Powershell – build complex module with functions dependency tree

Hey! So the time has come to share with you one of my recent achievements within automation. As you may have noticed in subejct of the post we will be focusing on complex functions with dependencies on onther functions within… Continue Reading