IP address management with PHPipam and docker

Recently I have came across need of having IP address management tool. So I have looked at several options and decided that the best one was phpIPAM for 2 main reasons: API Overlapping subnets Also the look and feel gives… Continue Reading


Docker compose v2 – using static network addresses

Docker compose is a really great piece of code šŸ™‚ that will allow you to build better orchestration with your containers. Recent breaking releases introduced a lot of features. While looking at some of them I was wondering about situations… Continue Reading


Docker compose: error while loading shared libraries libz.so.1

I recently got very annoying error on freshly installed CentOS 7 machine when trying to use most up to date docker-compose ( at the moment of writing 1.6.2 ). Error stated the following when trying to execute compose file :… Continue Reading


Docker compose and ELK – setup in automated way

Altough originally this was supposed to be short post about setting up ELK stackĀ for logging. However with every moment I have been working with this technology it got me really ‘insipired’ and Ā I thought it would be worth to startĀ and… Continue Reading