Github – update forked repository with upstream changes

Sometimes when you work with projects on Github it takes you a bit more time than expected to prepare solution which you are happy to create PR for. In those cases it is good to be able to pull changes… Continue Reading


Git – Visualize your repository

Working with any kind of version control system in today’s world of IT should not be even a question. One may remain which one 🙂 I personally use Github / BitBucket and for small factor use Gogs ( the last one… Continue Reading


Manage your GitHub gists with GistboxApp

If you are like me 😀 and understand that sharing with your knowledge is something great – then this application might be for you. I dont have yet so many Gists on GitHub but getting them correctly managed is something… Continue Reading


Road to challenges in IT

Hey , It has been long and quiet in last 2 years I think but this times comes to an end. A lot have been happening in regards to learning curve of SCCM/SCOM/ PowerShell  (especially DSc part) and REST Apis.… Continue Reading